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Consistently the most visible part of your body, your face endures regular exposure to the elements and a range of chemicals present in make-up and toxins in the air. Aside from your usual daily cleansing and beauty routines, my facials target your personal needs.

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Personalized Skin Consultations

Experienced, qualified, and attentive, George is a professional providing consultation to address specific areas of concern and helps his clients determine the best facial treatments available for their skin type.

George's Hair Fashions East Hair Styling

George's facials for women and men include:

  • Basic facial
  • Acne treatment facials
  • Anti-aging facials
  • Deep cleansing facials
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Benefits of Regular Facials:

  • Help to reverse signs of aging
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Improve and regulate skin tone
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Reduce blackheads and blemishes
George's Hair Fashions East Hair Styling

FAQ About Facials

My skin has become drier as Ive aged and I am concerned about wrinkles. How can a facial help?

Excessive sun exposure, alcohol, and tobacco are some of the factors that contribute to reducing your skins elasticity. Although a single facial will not eliminate the wrinkles immediately, skin will look and feel refreshed and supple. Consult with George for a personalized consultation on anti-aging treatment options.

Can a facial help me get my glow back and reduce dullness to my skin?

There are several options available like gentle exfoliating treatments that restore and revive facial skin.

Do you have experience providing facials with clients from different ethnic backgrounds: African American, Caribbean, Latin, Caucasian, Asian?