Hair Relaxer

Are you looking for an effective method to control the curls or waves in your hair? If you desire a sleek and smooth look it can be achieved with George’s state-of-the-art relaxer treatment that leaves hair shiny, silky, and straight.

Hair Straightening Expert

George’s hair care expertise allows him to realize each of his clients’ different hair requirements. George will provide you with a thorough assessment that determines the most appropriate hair relaxer products and technique best suited to your hair type.

George has extensive experience straightening hair of African American, Latinx, Caucasian and Asian women and men—and is well respected for his treatments for damaged and fragile hair.

Easy To Manage Hair

George’s texturizing or relaxing treatments makes your hair easier to manage and can reduce the time you normally spend styling your hair each day.

Hair Relaxer Systems Applied By George Only

Although home relaxer kits are available, mixing and applying the necessary chemicals to your hair can be potentially harmful and ultimately damage hair if not done correctly. George performs a strand test to assess which type of hair relaxer is best suited to your hair type and texture to achieve your preferred look.

George's Hair Fashions East Hair Relaxing

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