Natural Hair Texturing

George's Hair Fashions East has spent nearly 40 years offering safe natural hair texturing processes. Combining specialized consultations with cutting-edge products, George has become the first choice for hair texturing in New York City.

If you’re looking for a qualified and licensed multicultural hair stylist, specializing in African American hair, then you need to book an appointment at George's Hair Fashions East today. It’s not worth risking your beautiful, natural hair at another salon. Go with the pro. Book an appointment for hair texturizing by clicking the button below!

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What Is Hair Texturing and Is It Safe?

Like relaxers, hair texturing is a chemical process that straightens naturally kinky hair. But where relaxers aim to get hair perfectly straight, texturing leaves natural curls behind. The result is hair that’s no longer kinky but still naturally curly or wavy.

To get the most consistent results, it’s important to have a professional stylist, like George, do it for you. Using at-home texturizer kits can put your hair at risk—not just because the results could be inconsistent, but also because any damage will be permanent. Texturizing changes the internal structure of each hair. A mistake could mean waiting ages for your hair to grow out again.

George’s careful attention and specialized treatment takes all the risk out of texturizing. Book your appointment today by calling (646) 251-0950.

Every Hair Texturing Appointment Begins with a Consultation

Want to know the secret to George’s success?

Every hair appointment begins with a detailed and comprehensive assessment. This allows him to carefully determine the type of hair each client has, what’s been done to it in the past, and what specific treatments will be required to achieve its full potential.

The consultation is especially important for natural hair texturizing because it will chemically alter the structure of each strand of hair. With years of experience behind him, George can tell straight away what needs to be done to treat your hair. You just don’t get this kind of personalized treatment at other hair salons in New York City!

Follow-Up Visits to Maintain Your Texturized Hair

Although texturizing is a permanent treatment, it won’t affect new hair growth. As your hair begins to grow out, you may notice that the new hair, visible at the roots, will be natural. At the end of your appointment, George will offer suggestions on when you should plan a follow-up visit so that you can maintain the look you’re after for as long as you want!

He’ll also recommend hair care instructions and products that are suited to your hair. Hair care is specific to each individual, so George always takes the time to explain to each client how they should care for their hair!

Book a Hair Texturing Appointment at George's Hair Fashions East

If you’re curious about whether texturizing is a good option for you, book a consultation with George. With his expert advice and years of professional experience, you’ll be in good hands! Whether you want to keep your natural hair or get your natural hair texturized, book an appointment today!