African American Hair Salon

Your hair says a lot about who you are. That’s why you need a hair stylist who listens. Someone who understands who you are. Somebody who understands where you come from. And luckily, you’re in the right place!

At George's Hair Fashions East, George has spent years helping his clients rediscover the joys of professional hair care. Specializing in African American hair, he provides styling and cuts that perfectly capture each person’s unique individuality. This is not your average stylist. This is not your average salon.

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Start Your Visit to George's Hair Fashions East with an African American Hair Styling Consultation

Everybody’s hair is different. Not just in texture, shape, or color, but in history. Your hair tells a story. It says what kind of treatments you’ve had and how you’re treating your hair right now. By understanding your hair, George will develop a treatment and styling plan that will be perfect for you!

That’s why we always start with a detailed assessment. Suffering from thinning hair or breakage? George will give it back its natural body and shine. Considering a relaxer? George will ensure it is done properly and safely. With his help, your hair will be more beautiful than ever—no matter what style you choose!

Since 1980, George's Hair Fashions East has offered African American hair styling, cuts, barbering, and more, in a professional and licensed salon. Book your appointment today!

What Kind of Natural Hair Do You Have?

Your perfect hair treatment and cut depends on what type of hair you have. Broadly speaking, there are four hair types:

  • Kinky Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Wavy Hair
  • Straight Hair

Because most people have different types of hair on their head, George makes it a priority to sit down with you to figure out what will work best for your hair. If you have kinky hair, for example, he’ll make sure to use professional salon-grade moisturizing products to keep your hair healthy and reduce breakage throughout the entire treatment process.

With George on your side, you’re guaranteed to get the specialized African American hair treatment you need to feel confident and look great!

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Located in New York City, George's Hair Fashions East is a full-service hair salon for both men and women. Offering a laid-back vibe and an emphasis on personal one-on-one care, there’s no one better on this side of town. And luckily, scheduling an appointment couldn’t be any easier!

Using the contact form on our website, fill out your information and we’ll be in touch with you to schedule a specific date and time. Or give us a call by either clicking the button above or contacting our receptionist at (646) 251-0950.

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As big as New York is, it’s hard to find an African American hair stylist you can trust. Don’t risk getting a cut that’s ‘just not you’ or a treatment that could permanently damage your hair. Call George now to book an appointment!